I created a template.php file, put the following function inside, saved, and flushed all Drupal cache. The desired change didn't occur.

function garku_process_html(&$variables) {
  $variables['styles'] = preg_replace('/.css\?.*"/','.css"', $variables['styles']);

How should I declare the usage of a new template.php file in a Drupal 8 sub-theme?

I ask since I haven't found anything about this in the documentation, for example in Overview of theme files.

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Drupal 8 themes don't have template.php files. Now they use a mytheme.theme file, which needs to be located inside the directory containing the theme. (Replace mytheme with the machine name used by the theme.)

Preprocessing and modifying attributes in a .theme file shows an example of preprocess function, which is placed in the mytheme.theme file, instead of the template.php file.


The file name was changed to [theme-name].theme; from the docs:


The .theme file is a PHP file that contains all the conditional logic and data (pre)processing of the output. It may also extend basic theme settings.


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