I installed Drupal 8 minimum. Create content type. Like normal there is one field. The body field.

I can't add an other field. In extend/modules all field types are enabled. Also fields and fields UI. What am I missing or have to enable to add fields to content type like: Image, link, references, etc.

I ran drush cr a couple of times.


I highly suggest that you do not use the minimal install in Drupal, and go with the standard install.

It is way more efficient to use the standard install and then remove the modules that you do not want, than to use the minimal install and install a bunch of stuff.


Agree with using Standard.

That said, you're probably just missing the local actions block, you probably also can't see an "Add content" button on /admin/content. Go to block layout and make sure all the standard blocks like Page title, local actions, local tasks, messages and so on are there.

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