I want to add a "View File" button in Drupal 7 website. A PDF file associated with it, should open in new tab. The problem is that this button should be added inside a block.

I want to ask that how to add a button in a block?

  • Is this a node's file field? Commented Dec 11, 2016 at 4:26

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For multiple files:

  1. Create a View
  2. Add your file field and set "Formatter" as "URL to file".
  3. Try rewriting the field as <a href="[YOUR_FIELD]" target="_blank">Go to file</a>
  4. You could embed this view in a block as php. The simplest way would be to use the PHP Filter located in D7 core, but there are some reasons not to use it.

For just one file, use:

<a href="/sites/default/files/your-file.pdf" target="_blank">Go to file</a>

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