Some clients I have may want a popup when a user visits the site if they have special events going on, and display maybe a flyer in a popup.

How can I force a popup upon a user visiting the site? Is there a module that can accomplish this? If not, what kind of edits am I looking at doing?

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You are looking for Splashify module, it also have the option to popup on any page.

Display a splash page anywhere on your site by redirecting the user, showing a lightbox, or displaying a popup. This module is designed to be search engine friendly, mobile device friendly and offers multiple configuration options.


You can try TinyBox (Simple Splash). see the demo

The main purpose of this module is to provide Splash Screen/Window as simple as possible.


take a look at Splash Offer module

Allows the management of one or more "splash offers", which are modal popups with an accept or reject form. If a user accepts the offer then a new page will open with a provided accept url. If they reject the offer, the modal will close.


To make this more maintainable I would load some jquery that just targets a particular piece of content via selector and uses ui.dialog.


I would write it in the template files with a cookie; it is not pretty, but it gets it done.

For example, in every page.tpl.php


Creating a custom action/trigger. On front page content view, load the flyer/event page in a lightbox (or shadowbox) popup, and redirect them to an alternate front page that doesn't set off that trigger.

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