I've been going through OAuth2 Server module setup Documentation/Guidelines for almost 2 days now, and also referred with friend who has this working. But unable to get this working properly.

I've a Drupal 7 Site already in use for quite some time (3-4 years). We're building few more applications (in other PHP Framework - not using Drupal), where we want to use/share users from this existing D7 site. To achieve this, we're making existing D7 site as Authentication Server by implementing OAuth2 Server module and OpenID Connect Single Sign-on module. I've configured it as per documentation provided on OAuth2 Server Page.

As a Test client to quickly setup and test, I've setup Another fresh D7 setup and configured OpenID Connect Module and OpenID Connect Single Sign-on module.

Both these Server and Clients are setup/configured using the Steps provided on OpenID Connect Single Sign-on Documentation and also includes HTTPS in URL (self-signed).


  1. Now when trying to login on Client using "Log in with Generic" button provided by OpenID Connect Module, the authentication takes me to Server for login where I put my login details and it takes me back to Client. At this stage I'm logged into Server but not on client. When debug more about this I found that in client, I receive below log in Recent Logs:

Location : https://client.local.com/openid-connect/generic?code=026ebfd35389b9e3a667a03eb778cdab4d3cc3e4&state=iNaaCcI4pxxZXssUAIO9gdz2Nm8zG5RbhsQ25azigYw

Message : Could not retrieve tokens (0 Error opening socket ssl://server.local.com:443). Details:

  1. Now, if I go to Client OpenID Connect Module's configuration and change the 3 Endpoints URLs from https to http and try to login and follow the steps, I'm able to login. (Note: Server is using http and client is using https - In this case, it asks to login 2 times, one on http and another on https).
  2. Another problem I'm facing after #2 is, when I'm trying to login/logout from client site, it takes me to server or vice versa and only one (either server/client) shows latest updates about login/logout, where I've triggered the event.

Other information:

OS: currently Windows 8 with XAMPP (production uses CentOS)
Drupal Version: 7.52/7.53
PHP Version: 7.0.3

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit 1:

  1. Added debug info for #1.
  2. I've also tried configuring another clean Drupal installation as OAuth2 Server, but in that also I'm facing similar issue.

Edit 2:

After some more research found this issue, which mentions that

The behavior of drupal_http_request() changes, because PHP 7 has changed the defaults regarding the ssl options.

This makes code fail that relies on issuing a http request to a https version of a site, which uses a self-signed certificate.

After applying changes in issue for 'context', Problem 1 and 2 seems to be fixed. i.e. User is getting logged in both Sites, and authorization is working with https enabled endpoint URL as well.

But Problem 3 remains there, i.e. when user try to login in client it take user to server for authorization and stays in server only. User is not re-directed back to client.

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