I am build a JSON export using a View in Drupal 8. Problem is that the parameters for retrieving the json doesn't seem to work as I would want.

In my View I need use two exposed filter criteria to select a date range. Both fields are Date and Time fields. When clicking on one of the criteria I have created it says:

Value type

A date in any machine readable format. CCYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS is preferred.

I would like this url with this parameter values to work: http://example.com/api/?start=20161101&end=20161102

I thought it was working at first, but apparently not when I get my results.

This works:


I am trying to have those clean parameters instead. How can I change the filter format to use the YYYYMMDD format? I don't want to change my field type because it is storing the time for my events. I want to get the data through only dates.

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You need to: - Set the filter granularity to "Day" - Add a date format "Ymd" admin/config/regional/date-time/formats - Add a date type to attach that to...admin/config/regional/date-time - OR, just change whatever date type the view is using to use it

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