In a module I use forms. On special occasions I have to start another form in another module. In this case I would like to do the following: 1 pass the control from the form to the Controller(1) of the module 2 this Controller(1) should then pass the control to the Controller(2) of the other module 3 this Controller(2) should start the desired form

Step 1 and 3 I can perform

Step 2 is still a problem because I read that a controller always must render output. I do not want to create a new instance of Controller 2 in Controller 1.

Found out that you can return a redirect to another controller. The parameter handling is not yet clear to me, I cannot find a good tutorial about the usage ofRedirect and passing parameters with it.

  • Are you looking for multistep form or something similar? If yes, refer this link. – Yogesh Dec 15 '16 at 6:53

My aim is the implementation of a Mediator Pattern. Best practice to do this is using the Event Dispatcher Mechanism. This is explained here.

A good example of implementing the mechanism, even create your own event type (above the existing types of Drupal) is described here

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