I am having a link field in drupal 8. It can accept both internal and external links with autocomplete feature. But it works only with nodes means with content but i want to use it with taxonomy terms as well.

How can i achieve this ? Any Help


Nodes and taxonomies both use fields but they're stored slightly differently. You will need to recreate your field for the taxonomy you wish to apply it to, it won't show up in Use existing field.


Taxonomy terms can be inserted into "entity reference" fields which accepts both content/nodes as well as taxonomy term but not both at same time. You might get help with that one as it is an autocomplete field too.

Go to "Add Field" tab in manage fields.

Select under Reference -> Taxonomy Term.


It is not (yet) possible. See issue on drupal.org for link fields for example in menu link or redirect to: Allow multiple target entity types in the entity reference field.

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