Originally this was in a views field rewrite but i have since moved it to

views-view-fields--[view name]--[machine ID].html.twig

And behaviour seems to be the same:

 <a href="{{ fields.path.content}}" class="menu-item">{{fields.title.content}}<span data-background-image="{{ fields.field_image.content}}"></span></a>

This renders fine when twig debug is set to false in development.services.yml When twig debug is turned on, the markup becomes badly broken.


<span data-background-image="

    <!-- THEME DEBUG -->
    <!-- THEME HOOK: 'views_view_field' -->
    <!-- BEGIN OUTPUT from 'themes/mytheme/templates/views/views-view-field.html.twig' -->

    <!-- THEME DEBUG -->
    <!-- THEME HOOK: 'image_url_formatter' -->
    <!-- BEGIN OUTPUT from 'modules/contrib/image_url_formatter/templates/image-url-formatter.html.twig' -->
    <!-- END OUTPUT from 'modules/contrib/image_url_formatter/templates/image-url-formatter.html.twig' -->

    <!-- END OUTPUT from 'themes/mytheme/templates/views/views-view-field.html.twig' -->


HTML does not support <!-- --> inside tags, which seems to be the core issue. Is there a workaround to this, or it's just a limitation of Twig debug?

  • I've run into this issue as well. To get around it, I was using a Chrome plugin called "Drupal template helper" (which moves the debug marrkup to its own pain in Chrome) but sadly, the plugin is now broken. See this issue for more info: github.com/arshad/drupal-template-helper/issues/8 Dec 20, 2016 at 15:06

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You can apply |render|striptags|trim twig filters:

<a href="{{ fields.path.content|render|striptags|trim }}" class="menu-item">{{ fields.title.content }}<span data-background-image="{{ fields.field_image.content|render|striptags|trim }}"></span></a>

If you want to save (not delete) for example div or img tags you can also write:

{{ fields.field_image.content|render|striptags('<div>, <img>')|trim }}

Seen here https://www.drupal.org/node/2672656#comment-11821896

  • This is great. Previously I was altering $variables['fields'] values to remove the twig debug output on some fields. Feb 27, 2018 at 15:20
  • How can I do this when I have a field in a view?
    – 0711master
    Jan 6, 2019 at 1:56
  • 3
    It's such a shame that this is seemingly the best way around this. A fix for a problem in the development environment that, without yet more messing around, will end up in production too. 3 unnecessary function calls to fix a problem that doesn't even exist in that environment.
    – Dan Abrey
    May 13, 2019 at 13:02
  • Nice hack, agree with @DanAbrey about the inevitability of something like this ending up production. Just another one of Drupal's many warts.
    – camslice
    Jul 28, 2021 at 5:05

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