I am using commerce module in D7. Each order can have a single line item, but you can have whatever quantity you like in that line item. For each item of this quantity I store a text value that is held in a multivalue text field on the list-item itself.

So you have:

Product 1 Quantity 1 Price $10 Information: Item1Text

Product 2 Quantity 3 Price $10 Information: Item1Text, Item2Text, Item3Text

I would like to have a view for each order to display each item of the line item as a separate entry. So for example:

Product 2 Price $10 Information: Item1Text

Product 2 Price $10 Information: Item2Text

Product 2 Price $10 Information: Item3Text

Is this at all possible, because I have tried all the tricks that I know, but cannot produce such a view. The reason I need something like this is that I can have a separate invoice for each of the items included in the order, besides them being purchased together. So if you buy 3 balls, I would create 3 invoices each describing the purchase of a single ball.

  • I forgot to mention that all the rest of the invoice info should be repeated as well, and not just the line items.
    – masimplo
    Commented Feb 12, 2012 at 14:10

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Ok I finally figured out how to do this.

I order for the line item to repeat itself I unchecked the single line representation for multivalue field.

And in order to repeat the whole invoice I call a view from within another view.

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