I have a image field on profile content type. And when users try to save the content without uploading images I would like to show pop up confirmation message "Are you sure you want to save your profile without photos?" with "OK" button. And I need the content to be saved only after the users click the "OK" button.

I thought I could do this with Rules module however it look like there is no action for showing popup message with "OK" button of confirmation.

Is there any way to achieve this?

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The custom way to do this would be to use hook_form_alter to add some jquery into the form you are targeting that would bind to the submit action of the form and execute some javascript function (ex. an alert) if a form field value is not filled out.

The key library for this is the jquery validation library here:


There are also a couple modules you could try and install that implement this library and offer direct integration with your field through the form api. I've used this one:


To achieve a similar validation effect as what you're looking for.


There is also a sandbox module to achieve this using rules + actions : https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/cmcintosh/2644004

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