I want a separate login for my site for Drupal. One to simply access the page, the same functionality that an .htaccess login would provide.

Except I want it to be styled as a separate html page, not as the default module popup htaccess does.

Is there a Drupal module for this or do I need a simple PHP script outside Drupal.


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The Secure Site module could be the best choice:

This module allows you to authenticate users with a browser-based password (HTTP Auth). You can restrict access to the site by role and choose to secure restricted pages or the entire site. This means the site will be inaccessible to search engines and other crawlers, but you can still allow access to certain users.

You can change the settings to use a page instead the popup. It's also possible to theme the login page - see the information here.


The Protected Node module allows you to optionally set passwords on nodes.

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