I'm trying to understand if/how you insert Twig variables in blocks in the custom block library.

To clarify, the block's HTML has been configured via the UI at /admin/structure/block/block-content

Standard Twig syntax, e.g. a 'say-something' tag like {{ base_path ~ directory }} - which I want so I can set an <img src attibute correctly - doesn't seem to be parsed at all and I don't see a way to use Tokens.

Examining the HTML source with Twig debugging on, it's theme hook is listed as "field", so if I add a preprocess function:

function themename_preprocess_field(array &$variables, $hook) {
  • that's being called rather too often
  • when it does reach the custom block, there doesn't seem to be anything in $variables that labels it as such, other than a render array with the processed text:


What's the simplest approach for this? Is the only way to do it to write a module?

Thanks, William

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You can't use twig variables in the body field of a block (or a node). But you can use tokens. Install the modules Token and Token Filter. You need to add the token filter to the text format you are using in the body field.

  • Thanks. For benefit of others: you edit the text format via /admin/config/content/formats, choose Configure, check 'Replaces global and entity tokens with their values'. There's a list of all available tokens at /admin/help/token Dec 30, 2016 at 15:43

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