While testing with PHP 7 a site, which works fine with PHP 5.5, I get this error on some pages:

ParseError : syntax error, unexpected '%' in php_eval() (line 7 of ..\modules\php\php.module(80) : eval()'d code).

I have no idea where to search that %. It could be in code, or a token in panels or anything. I already read comments in this similar question, but maybe someone got same bug while testing PHP 7.


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This error is from php code in a text field.

Speaking of debugging, errors in eval()’d codes throw up error messages that don’t provide much help in identifying or locating the error. There’s a good chance you might have to go through your database manually to find and fix the error. Such errors might even be fatal in certain instances, for example, if the error is in a block that is displayed on all pages.

Source: http://valuebound.com/resources/blog/enabling-php-filter-in-drupal-7-core-what-can-go-wrong

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