Is there a simple way in Drupal 8 to set a filter format on a field and not show other format options that are accessible by the role of the current user?

I want to have a field with a very stripped down editor and default to that format, but I also do not want to show the formatting options on this field. I already tried the Simplify module, not quite what I am looking for.

EDIT: Sure, you can form alter... just wondering if someone solved it in a more modular way for 8.2.x.


The Better Formats module provides this type of functionality.

See Better Formats Module.

Better formats is a module to add more flexibility to Drupal's core input format system.
Set allowed text formats per field.
Set default order of text formats per field.
Hide format tips per role.
Hide more format tips link per role.
Hide format selection per role per entity.

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    Oh sweet, I forgot all about this module. – Kevin Jan 5 '17 at 22:19

The D8 port of Better Formats seems to have stalled. A better (sorry, no pun intended) option would probably be Allowed Formats. That seems to be more actively maintained, and has a stable 8.x-1.1 release.

Enjoy, -Derek (dww)

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