Using drupal 7 and Webform (both up2date), how can I alter the default value of a "Select options" field?

I tried to do this:

function mymodul_webform_component_render_alter (&$element, &$component) {
if( $element['#type'] == 'select' && 
      $element['#title'] == 'field1' ) {
$element['#default_value'] = 'bar,foo';}

But it's not working...

I can make it work with a single default value if I set the field to "Listbox", what I don't want. But I still can bypass this "if" statement... But still can't set the default value to multiple choices


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For multiple selects use an array for the default value:

$element['#default_value'] = array('foo', 'bar');

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