I'm using the Entity Registration module for events registration. I want to open the registration forms in the ctools modal.

I checked the Modal forms module. But on the module page, I can see that it can only work with login/reset password/user regisration/webform/contact/comment forms.

So there is any possibility to use these both modules? Or should I look for something else?


Few alternative way may helps you.

Entity popup module.

This module allows you to show an entity in a popup. For flexibility, it doesn't provide any popup plugins itself, but it provides a menu callback that allows you to load the entity into any popup you desire.

NG Lightbox module:

Lightbox any Drupal page such as the login page or comment reply.
Works with forms out of the box, including webforms, node edit forms and more.
Lightweight, only 1.2kbs in D7. D8 uses cores modal.
Default responsive theme for the lightbox that can be customised.

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  • Using these modules, the form will work through ajax? As if there are validation error messages the form will will redirect to the registration page I think. – Ahmad Jan 11 '17 at 9:43

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