According to superfish.module these following theme hooks are available.

 function theme_superfish($variables) {

    function theme_superfish_build($variables) {

    function theme_superfish_menu_item($variables) {

    function theme_superfish_menu_item_link($variables) {

but for some reason using these in my template.php only theme_superfish is getting called.

function nph_superfish($variables){


  return "HTML";


function nph_superfish_menu_item_link($variables) {
      $menu_item = $variables['menu_item'];
      $link_options = $variables['link_options'];
      return l($menu_item['link']['title'], $menu_item['link']['href'], $link_options);

doesn't work

This post is probably the most comprehensive to answer the question for what I am trying to achieve (I want to add classes to menu items based on the title). Any ideas what might be happening?


I just noticed a setting on the settings page, not mentioned in any of the answers I found around the web....

enter image description here

UPDATE: I've just noticed it says Default:enabled ..., so by checking it I'm disabling it...

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As in my image enter image description here

Make sure these are checked or the theme hooks wont work, and they need to be checked even though, it says default:enabled.

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