I have a social article website; I created a content type named Article. When a user creates an article, I want to generate a code shown to the user. This code should be saved in the database because users can return to this article with this code. It's important to build a views with this code.

I think I must create a CCK field, generate a code (for example hash the node ID or the timestamp of when the node has been create), and show this code in disable a text box for the author.

Is there any module to do this? What other alternatives do I have?

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With some PHP knowledge, you can implemented the field using the Computed Field module. You can also use the module Universally Unique IDentifier. This does not require PHP knowledge, but does not store the code as a CCK field.

  • Thanks,I use Computed Field and set Time() for unique field. Feb 14, 2012 at 19:58

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