I need to use in my theme a js file used originally by a other module: View slideshow.

View Slideshow take the jquery plugin Cycle from the libraries folder, on the root of the App, something like


Now i need to use the jquery plugin Cycle in my theme, but drupal put it after my main theme js file

<script src=mytheme.js>  
<script src=....cycle.js>  

So it can't use it, because cycle must be before.

I add the file in my libraries.yml file like this:

  js :
    - ...cycle.js: {}
    - mytheme.js: {}

but cycle steel remain after. How could i move Cycle on top ?


Okay this was easy... I realise that the js file is in the library views_slideshow_cycle/jquery_cycle, created by the module.

So i just have to add it has a dependencies to my theme

   dependencies : 

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