I was wondering how one would go about changing the layout of the nodes when you are adding content, as well as when you view the full story.

I want certain text to be bigger, some fields to be placed side by side, some vertically. I want full control over the layout. I tried editing the CSS to change fonts and colors but it all changes fonts for the enitre website and not just in the node view. any thoughts?

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page--node--[content-type].tpl.php = node template for a specific content type (no square brackets)

page--node--add--[content-type].tpl.php = node/add template for specific content type.

Copy/paste the code you have in node.tpl.php and clear your server cache. Now you can add custom classes everywhere or even create a custom HTML structure to render your fields. See the node.tpl.php documentation and Drupal 7 template suggestions.

Hope this helps!

  • It's strange. The docs say that the template for a node type should be node--[content-type].tpl.php and this works for me. However, node--add--[content-type].tpl.php doesn't work for me, and prefixing it with page-- does make it work (sort of, anyway -- drupal recognizes it as the template for the add content page for that type, but fails to display the page). Any idea about why it's inconsistent that way? UPDATE: never mind, it's because you can set a template for any page at all starting from the page-- root. Anyway, thanks!
    – octern
    Commented Apr 2, 2012 at 21:23

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