I'm currently attempting to configure the ClamAV module via drush config-set. When using the executable mode, the module allows us to specify command-line options to run when the ClamAV executable is triggered.

My attempt to do so is: [root@localhost html]# drush config-set clamav.settings mode_executable.executable_parameters '--max-filesize=4095M --max-scansize=4095M --max-embeddedpe=4095M --max-htmlnormalize=4095M --max-htmlnotags=4095M --max-scriptnormalize=4095M --max-ziptypercg=4095M --pcre-max-filesize =4095M' --y

Unfortunately, I get the error: Unknown option: --max-filesize. Seedrush help config-setfor available options. To suppress this error, add the option --strict=0.

Using sh/bash, how do I write this command as to pass in the executable parameters as the setting (a literal string), not as options to drush config-set, as is currently happening?


Short answer, preface the value with an empty space (inside the quotes).

This appears to be a drush bug. This fails with the unknown option bit:

drush config-set system.site name '--max-filesize=blah'

However, if I preface the value with a space:

drush config-set system.site name ' --max-filesize=blah'

this works as expected.

Edit: It is also worth noting that drush config-edit would bypass this issue altogether, and allow the value to be set via your preferred text editor.

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  • This was very helpful, and this ultimately solved our problem. Due to my low rep, I can't upvote, but would if I could. – shawmanz32na Feb 14 '17 at 23:51

It's possible to use the --value option instead of inferring the value by location. See https://drushcommands.com/drush-8x/config/config-set/ for the config-set docs.

This won't work, due to a drush bug - see https://drupal.stackexchange.com/a/225739/64107)

drush config-set clamav.settings mode_executable.executable_parameters '--max-filesize=4095M'

but this will:

drush config-set clamav.settings mode_executable.executable_parameters --value='--max-filesize=4095M'

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