I want to add a node post date exposed filter to the views in the following format.

The date exposed filter will be a select list with the following options:

Past Week
Past Month
Past Year

It it possible with views or I have to do some workaround?

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You can start with Views, dealing with Combined filters. Try it with option Grouped.


I have done it with the following steps.

Added a post date exposed filter, with option Grouped filter instead of single filter.

Widget type Select. With the following options in the table

  Label        Operator                       Value

  Today        is greater than or equal to    today

  Yesterday    is greater than or equal to    -1 day

  Past week    is greater than or equal to    -1 week

  Past month   is greater than or equal to    -1 month

  Past year    is greater than or equal to    -1 year

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