I am trying to programmatically delete an existing view’s display (at the same time as deleting a node) but I am not able to find the good implementation.

HOOK_node_delete(Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $node) {
$view = Views::getView("VIEW_MACHINE_NAME");
$display_name = "block_1";
$views_display = $view->storage->getDisplay($display_name);

I can access to the view’s display using the view entity (storage) but as the display has protected access I can’t delete it.

Any help?

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DisplayPluginCollection has a remove() method:


But this doesn't work and I couldn't find any code which is trying to actually remove the display from configuration.

So you would have to do this yourself in the view entity (storage):

$view = \Drupal\views\Views::getView('myview');
$storage = $view->storage;
$displays = $storage->get('display');
$storage->set('display', $displays);

The problem is this will not run the remove code of the display. For a block display this doesn't matter, but if you delete a page display you might consider running the remove method mentioned above before deleting the display from storage. This will delete the menu links from the page.


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