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What are the differences between the various OpenID widgets available?

I know there is the Janrain Engage module, but I don't want to depend on an external provider. Can I implement it with any Drupal module?


Stack Exchange uses OpenID for single-sign-on, which is not the same as OAuth. The good news is, OpenID is built-in to Drupal core. The downside of using the core module is your visitors must know the URL of their OpenID provider. Most people already have at least one OpenID provider, but don't know it.

To solve this problem, you could try OpenID selector, which offers a login selector similar to SE.

  • Nevermind, openid selector fixes it for me since it DOES support OAuth as well (at least for FB and Twitter), although i will have to port it to D7. – Capi Etheriel Feb 15 '12 at 12:03

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