I have an view that uses the Unformatted list format and Show: fields.

enter image description here

I've added the fields to it and the view has _Content type: my_content_type_ filter.

I want to write a template file for the fields in that view, with the following code.

{% if field_name == 'field_photo' %}
{% elseif field_name == 'field_something_else' %}
<div class="something">
    {% for item in items %}
        {{ item.content }}
    {% endfor %}
</div><!-- .something -->

I don't know which name to use for the template file.

I've tried the following names, but they don't work. MY_CUSTOM_TYPE stays for the content type I have set in filter for that view.

  • field--MY_CUSTOM_TYPE.html.twig
  • field--node--MY_CUSTOM_TYPE.html.twig

What is the correct filename for the template file I am trying to use?

  • Did you enable twig debugging and look at the suggestions?
    – Kevin
    Commented Jan 21, 2017 at 18:24
  • @Kevin yes, and there are no suggestions for it (on such deep level) - they exists only for the whole view and not for the separate fields.
    – PolGraphic
    Commented Jan 21, 2017 at 18:30

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You could use:


Use the machine name if you only want to affect a specific view Display. (IE: when you click + Add button, that other view/display does not get affected). If you wan't all displays to be affected, then don't include the machine name.


{% if fields.field_photo.content|striptags == 'some value' %}
{% elseif fields.field_something_else.content|striptags == 'some value' %}
<div class="something-specific">
        {{ fields.field_something_else.content }}
</div><!-- .something-specific -->
{% endif %}

If you just want to add a div class regardless of the value of the field and not depending on some condition, then simply

<div class="something">{{ fields.field_machine_name.content }}</div>

OR you can do this through the Views UI:

enter image description here

Now, if you need something more global, IE: You want to affect all Views that contain your field and future views that will contain your field, then you need to use:


<div class="something">{{ output -}}</div>

There is a detailed answer in this Q: Overriding views-view-field.html.twig for specific fields. I'm not quite sure what the options for a content type are, but this is the answer for a template per fieldname: you can use views-view-field--fieldname.html.twig.

Of course, don't forget to clear your cache after creating the new template.

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