I want to add Emoji smiles in Drupal 7 comments without using a sandbox project like https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/mparker17/2078481.

Does anyone have any idea how to add Emoji smiles in comments?


According to Drupal 7.50 released, Emojis were added as a new feature in 7.50

Support for full UTF-8 (emojis, Asian symbols, mathematical symbols) is now possible on MySQL

If content creators on your site have been clamoring to use emojis, it's now possible on Drupal sites running MySQL (it was previously possible on PostgreSQL and SQLite). Turning this capability on requires the database to meet certain requirements, plus editing the site's settings.php file and potentially other steps, as described in the change record.

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You might want to have a look at Smiley

Smiley is a text filter that substitutes text emoticons, like :-) with images.

It comes with a set of example smileys, but you can import ready-to-use packages (e.g.: from phpBB's "pak"s and Adium Emoticon packs) or define your own.

To use your own smileys, simply upload them into FILES_DIRECTORY/smiley (usually sites/default/files/smiley) and import them using the "Smiley Import" module.

Since it is a text filter, you should be enable to for filtered-html and have it apply to comments.


Emoji's are also commonly referred to as Smileys. Take a look at the Smiley module for Drupal 7.

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