How can I add a button next to the + Add Content button on /admin/content, in Drupal 8?

add content page


You have to provide mymodule.links.action.yml in your module.

This is an example from core for the Add content action button from your question:


  route_name: node.add_page
  title: 'Add content'
    - system.admin_content

Reference: Providing module-defined actions

  • Perfect! that works well, on a side note, do you know how to use that button to create form overlay for users to input data and then process that data? – harnamc Jan 23 '17 at 9:42

To further the answer above, if you want to theme the button you added from MODULE.links.action.yml you need to implement the following hook in you MODULE.module file:

function MODULE_menu_local_actions_alter(&$local_actions) {
  $local_actions['ROUTE.NAME']['options']['attributes'] = array(
    '#target' => '_blank'

The above hook will add the attribute target="_blank" to the link

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