We are using Rules for advanced Workbench notifications. However, we have a notification that needs to change depending on whether content actually has a previously published version or is entirely new content.

Does anyone know of a way, using Rules, to check for whether Workbench content has a published revision? (Note: Not whether the current revision is published.)

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I'm assuming this question is about D7 ...

Step 1 - Flag published revisions

Use the Flag module to flag Workbench content whenever a published revision gets created. The flag you'd want to use is a global flag. To actually flag such content, use the Rules module.

Step 2 - Check if flagged

Adapt your existing Rule(s) (for advanced Workbench notifications) to take into account if your content has yes or no been flagged. To do so, you have a choice:

  • Split your current Rules Action (for those notifications) in 2 Rules Components (in which you can use Rules Condition to check the flag).
  • Use the Conditional Rules module so that you can include the required Rules Condition(s), to check the status of the flag, within the Rules Actions of your existing rule.

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