I have a theme (based on zen). I made a copy of the theme, replacing all the references to the theme's name in the files. I switched to the new theme and copied all theme settings in drupal (drupal 6).

As far as I can tell everything looks just the same, except that on some blocks (notably the footer menu) the name ("Footer Menu") appears. From the theme files i see this is because $block->subject suddenly is set.

What's up with this - if the themes are identical and the configuration is the same, why does one have a block->subject set and not the other?

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Looks to be a known issue. I see blocks display emptry string for $block->subject. in this thread someone mentions that they had to modify system.module for this to work. you can check it out in this thread here. Looks like a patch is out there for it.

  • You were right, this is probably the same issue. Thanks!
    – PapaFreud
    Commented Feb 16, 2012 at 15:20

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