I am getting the following error:

Drupal\Core\Field\FieldException: Attempt to create a field body that does not exist on entity type node. in Drupal\field\Entity\FieldConfig->getFieldStorageDefinition() (line 286 of core/modules/field/src/Entity/FieldConfig.php).

Context is that I recently switched from one branch to another and did some config imports.

My guess is that this is related to a field.storage issue? What precisely would be causing this error? I'd provide more information about my content types, but I really don't know at this point where it can be narrowed down to.

I'm not finding any real sources on this particular error.


You attempted to create a field using configuration without creating the field storage configuration.

In the field configuration YAML you can see a field_storage property. That is the id of the field storage configuration that needs to also be imported.

  • What particular piece of YAML would it be in? I searched the entire directory (especially the field.field.node.article.body, etc, etc) for field_storage and was unable to find anything – Jack Ryan Jan 24 '17 at 21:50
  • 1
    I think you are missing the field.storage.node.body configuration. You can copy the base configuration from the node module (core/modules/node/config/install/field.storage.node.body.yml) – Eyal Jan 24 '17 at 21:54
  • No, I've absolutely got it, in both YML and I put it into my database before posting here. – Jack Ryan Jan 24 '17 at 21:59
  • a:17:{s:4:"uuid";s:36:"230952c6-9c0c-4a0f-b8ac-dba902e8e8e8";s:8:"langcode";s:2:"en";s:6:"status";b:1;s:12:"dependencies";a:1:{s:6:"module";a:2:{i:0;s:4:"node";i:1;s:4:"text";}}s:5:"_core";a:1:{s:19:"default_config_hash";s:43:"EBUo7qOWqaiZaQ_RC9sLY5IoDKphS34v77VIHSACmVY";}s:2:"id";s:9:"node.body";s:10:"field_name";s:4:"body";s:11:"entity_type";s:4:"node";s:4:"type";s:17:"text_with_summary";s:8:"settings";a:0:{}s:6:"module";s:4:"text";s:6:"locked";b:0;s:11:"cardinality";i:1;s:12:"translatable";b:1;s:7:"indexes";a:0:{}s:22:"persist_with_no_fields";b:1;s:14:"custom – Jack Ryan Jan 24 '17 at 22:00
  • 1
    Oh, it worked, I just had to completely kill my VM and restart it to make it recognize it correctly. – Jack Ryan Jan 24 '17 at 22:03

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