So here is my problem: In HTML email template, I don't want the user who chose "hotel" to receive the same output values than a user who chose a flight.

I created a booking webform with 30 components with 3 conditional choices (if user chooses hotel, the form looks different than for a user who chooses flight)

My HTML email template looks like this:

  <p>Goal of reservation: [submission:values:goal_of_reservation:nolabel]</p>
  <p>Name: [site:current-user:field-name]</p>


The Result looks like this:

enter image description here

With my setup, all users receive the same HTML template and I want to avoid that. I want them to receive only the outputs and labels based on their choice of submission.

I thought about adding a if-statement to my HTML template which based on the users choice, the HTML doesn't send certain values. Anyone got a better idea? Yes webform has an option "Exclude empty values", but that's not exactly what solves my problem.

I don't understand why webform doesn't allow this feature from scratch.

  • How about using "Webform Rules", so that you can trigger some Rules logic with appropriate Rules Conditiions, and based on these conditions then send an HTML eMail? Feb 25, 2017 at 18:06


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