So here is my problem: In HTML email template, I don't want the user who chose "hotel" to receive the same output values than a user who chose a flight.

I created a booking webform with 30 components with 3 conditional choices (if user chooses hotel, the form looks different than for a user who chooses flight)

My HTML email template looks like this:

  <p>Goal of reservation: [submission:values:goal_of_reservation:nolabel]</p>
  <p>Name: [site:current-user:field-name]</p>


The Result looks like this:

enter image description here

With my setup, all users receive the same HTML template and I want to avoid that. I want them to receive only the outputs and labels based on their choice of submission.

I thought about adding a if-statement to my HTML template which based on the users choice, the HTML doesn't send certain values. Anyone got a better idea? Yes webform has an option "Exclude empty values", but that's not exactly what solves my problem.

I don't understand why webform doesn't allow this feature from scratch.

  • How about using "Webform Rules", so that you can trigger some Rules logic with appropriate Rules Conditiions, and based on these conditions then send an HTML eMail? – Pierre.Vriens Feb 25 '17 at 18:06

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