I can't figure how to group my content in my view.

Here is what I have, and what happen: I have a content type "Slide" with the field "Body" a text (formatted) and a field collection called "Related content" that contains 2 fields ("Label", a simple text (plain) and "Related page", an entity reference).

I created 2 "Slide" with 2 "Related content" in each "Slide".

If I simply display "Body" and "Related content" I have each "Slide" displayed correctly, but the "Related Content" is a rendered list and I don't have access to the fields itself to rewrite the output (I want to create a link using the "Label" and the "Related page") like this:

Slide 1

  • Label1
  • Page 1
  • Label 2
  • Page 2

Slide 2

  • Label 3
  • Page 3
  • Label 4
  • Page 4

Now if I add a relationship to the field collection item, I do have access to the fields and I can rewrite the output, but now I have 1 slide for each item in the fields collection like this:

Slide 1 - Label1 Slide 1 - Label2 Slide 2 - Label3 Slide 2 - Label4

How do I keep the content grouped by Slide, and still display all the fields (not the rendered collection) so I can control the output.

Any help is welcome!

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