I want to create a music reference website With drupal 7.So explain my diagram and want to help me .

I specified 5 other music website that give direct download link to users.in other 5 sites musics post with a title + description + download links.such as all other websites that post download music or software. I want to take ONE post Title of these websites + ALL direct links and import to drupal .So for every imported music post I have a Title + 5 download direct link from 5 defferent website.So user can Go to my site and download A music from 5 download link from 5 defferent sites.

1- I can give Titles of new posts from feed (rss) of these sites.

2- How Can I merge 5 titles of these sites to One title (equivalent music titles) - for example titles of one website post is "free download of music from SINGER called SONGNAME" . This Title take and other 4 sites title merge or ignore Then Download links Attached (link url ONLY) to same Post.

3- I want to import and show only URL of Download links to user.without upload it to drupal or filefield modules.only url.no file.

please Help me.how can I do it? I Worked with feeds module previously.


1) Create one content type with title and download file link with unlimited or five number of values can be added.

2) Get the fed from 5 sites for one particular title and create the node respective title and fill the 5 respective download link.

  • thank you,but i don't understand.I am familiar with feeds module.I must use only feeds module?! how can i take 5 download url from 5 deferent sites and import to one title? how i can merge 5titles in 1title?! your guidance is very abstract. – omiti Jan 31 '17 at 5:26
  • Have any idea ? – omiti Feb 1 '17 at 5:07
  • I am waiting for whis response.How I can import 5 different fields from 5 different website to one Node? – omiti Feb 12 '17 at 5:31

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