I'm making a block to be displayed on a node page that I want to display some information about the author of the node. I need to be able to show the number nodes of different types that the author has created. Any suggestions? I found this which gets me halfway there, but I need to be able to filter it by only the node authors content.

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The simplest way would be to extend the query from the other question you linked to and add the user id as an extra parameter:

function yourtheme_get_node_count($content_type) {
  $query = "
    FROM {node} n
    WHERE n.type = :type
    AND n.uid = :uid";

  // Get the node object for the current page.
  $node = menu_get_object();

  $params = array(':type' => $content_type, ':uid' => $node->uid);
  $amount = db_query($query, $params)->fetchField();

  return $amount;

Be sure to only call this on a node page as menu_get_object() will only return a node object when you're on such a page.


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