I'm trying to use a webform to accept data, do some processing and calculation, and pass it back to the user. For user-friendly purposes I don't want to redirect to a confirmation page, but back to the form page so they can enter the information again. So essentially, I want the form template to submit back to itself, and if it has received a submission, print out the results (for now). I'm having trouble finding a way to do this.

I have an override template (webform-form-9.tpl.php) in my theme folder and it is successfully overriding the default, however I can't find any any way to actually get the values the user just submitted - even printing all available variables doesn't display the submission. I can't even seem to check if the user submitted a form or not. Does the form template not even receive the submission data? That seems extremely peculiar if so, so I can only imagine I'm not just not getting it right.

Any advice here?

  • So I've managed to get the data displaying on the form template by redirecting the form to a custom URL consisting of the current URL (the form template) and the sid of the submission, then getting the submission data through nid and sid. But I still want to keep the form populated with the info they entered, whereas when the page reloads, the form fields are empty. How can this be accomplished?
    – CGriffin
    Commented Feb 2, 2017 at 21:05

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Just configure your webform, so the "redirect URL" is the following:


Now after submission you will see the result overview page of that submitted form

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