I have to render a field of a node that is inside a content type in Drupal 8.

I have a content type called summary that has a field, called field_content that is an Entity reference field for unlimited items of a specific content type (article)

I'm able to get the current node and handle the field_content, but I cant access each of referenced items inside of this type.

Also I have tried to debug the field_content with kint but the browser crashes (I suppose that it happens becasue the data dump is very big) and I can't access the inner properties (I have to get a field called field_desc_text inside each article).

I need the node or the nid to load it of each of this inner items.

This is what i've tried:

       $currentNode = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node');
    foreach ($currentNode->get('field_content') as $nodeRef)
      kint($nodeRef); //*This debugs the entire referenced node, but there is no sight of my desired fields
     // kint($nodeRef[0]); *Cannot use object of type Drupal\\Core\\Field\\Plugin\\Field\\FieldType\\EntityReferenceItem as array
     // kint($nodeRef->get('title')); *Uncaught PHP Exception InvalidArgumentException: "Property title is unknown."



And this is the output of the kint($currentNode):


Thanks in advance!


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You can access the entities referenced by an entity reference field using the following code.

$currentNode = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node');
$entities = $currentNode->get('field_content')->referencedEntities();

The value returned from referencedEntities() is an array of objects that implement EntityInterface.
See the documentation and the code used by EntityReferenceFieldItemList::referencedEntities() for more details.


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