I have a list of lesson plans, sorted by category. Underneath each category, I have a link called "Add new lesson/category/root term".

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I would like it so that when the user clicks on "Add new category" or "Add new root term", they are prompted with a message box to get the name of the new term to add. Then, that message box will make an ajax call to mysite.com/add-new-term, with the name of the new term as a POST argument.

I know how to make an HTTP POST request using jQuery.post(). I know how to implement hook_menu() to enable requests to mysite.com/add-new-term. And I know how to use PHP's superglobal array $_POST to get the data from the request.

BUT, I don't know how to add user authentication to the request.

How can I ensure that only logged-in admins can make these requests? I don't want just any random person on the web to be able to create new terms.

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Turns out this is actually really easy.

You can get the current user's roles with:

global $user;
$roles = $user->roles;

That returns an associative array with the roles as values. Getting the values is trivial with in_array():

if (in_array("Teacher", $user->roles)) {
  // allow the post request to have effect
else {
  // don't go through with the request; return an error

Because the module is called during the lifecycle of the Drupal structure, you have access to the whole environment.

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