I'm planning to add support for import/export/clone facilities in the D7 version of the Goals module, similar to the import/export/clone facilities in (e.g) the Rules. More specifically to also provide support for importing/exporting the configuration of Goals and Tasks.

To find out how to do so, I looked at the (interesting) Community Documentation about "Exportable configuration". Part of what is included there is this:

... two proven and documented APIs exist in Drupal contrib that greatly facilitate the process.

  • Entity API exportables. If your data is an entity type, you can use the Entity API module to make your data exportable. ...
  • CTools exportables. CTools can be used to provide exportables support whether or not your data is an entity type. ...

Since Goals and Tasks are both entities, it seems that I'm lucky: I can pick either one. However these are my questions to actually decide about which one to select:

  • Are there any pros/cons or dos/donts for using either of these APIs to create my exportables?
  • Which of these APIs appear to be the most appropriate for what I want to achieve?


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