Is it possible to have 2 price fields, with manually added price?

Currently I have second price calculated. User with role "EUR_price" will see only EUR prices and others + anonymous will see USD. And this for product, in cart, order etc.

I'm not sure, if Rules (and separate price field) is enough for this.

  • can you add more details to better explain that "currently I have second price calculated"? Like WHEN that calculation happens, and WHERE you eventually store the result of that calculation? about "enough for this": what do you mean by "this"? – Pierre.Vriens Feb 7 '17 at 17:39
  • Commerce should be able to do price conversion from one currency into another (but you might need additional modules for that). No need for two price fields. – Neograph734 Feb 7 '17 at 18:20

Are you looking to have a different price depending on the role of the user? If you want to have a price based on user role then the Commerce Pricelist module can help with that.

From the module list

Different prices for different roles or individual users

Different prices for different quantities

Different prices based on order date (like a time-limited discount)

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