What is the best way to remove the post date from a views created RSS feed? I have a calendar that I have created a feed for, but it is being sorted by a cck date value, making the post date not necessarily accurate.

Is there an easy way to remove this from within views (D6), or would this need to be a template change?


This approach should work. I've tried it in the past and it did exactly what I needed.

Quoted from the above-linked comment:

Put views-view-row-rss.tpl.php in your theme directory

and replace print $item_elements;


$item_elements = preg_replace('<pubDate>.*</pubDate>', '', $item_elements);  // removes pubdate
$item_elements = preg_replace('<dc:creator>.*</dc:creator>', '', $item_elements);  // removes author
$item_elements = preg_replace('<category .*</category>', '', $item_elements);  // removes terms         

$item_elements = preg_replace("!^\s+(\D)!m", "\\1", $item_elements);  // removes some blank lines

print $item_elements; 
  • I just tried the patch to views-view-row-rss.tpl.php in Drupal 7 and it works perfectly. – user12241 Dec 20 '12 at 21:54

I did something like this about two years ago, so it is possible that things have improved since.

From memory I think you need to do a template change for this kind of thing in views rss feeds. It was not as flexible as it could be.

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