I am using this Facebook Instant Articles module to integrate articles being published as Instant articles on Facebook. I have successfully tried to publish instant articles using the RSS Feed and Views modules.

When I look at the preview of the feed, the articles being added on the feed are all the articles recently published. This is not what I want. I checked the configuration, and I found out that I have to select each article.

Now, after doing this, I still can't filter out the articles which are selected to be published as instant articles. I tried adding a filter, but I can't add a Filter on my view. I have not yet added custom codes just via the administrative dashboard.

What I want is to freely filter out specific articles I want to publish as instant articles. In my case, the articles processed from the feed are the latest ones; if I edit an article to add it as instant article, it won't be shown.

Can someone help me here?


You can for example add a taxonomy to the articles and filter by that in the view.

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