I want to setup Drush aliases for a Drupal site on WAMP. I tried, however I had no luck.

All my installations for Drupal sites are located in c:\wamp\www

Drush is located in c:\drush

I would not say I have multi site up!!

The URL I use in the browser is caribbean.localhost

I'm really not sure, or I have trouble setting up my Drush alias. So I wonder if anyone can advise me or offer direction help to me!

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    Please provide detailed problem, what it's show, what happen... – Nikit Feb 17 '12 at 3:15

It's difficult to answer your question without some concrete specifics. But i went ahead and provided you some common troubleshooting tips when i was in your shoes a moons ago:

  • Visit the latest readme.txt: It's named that for a reason. I've never read a more helpful readme.txt in terms of contributed modules. Of the best. There's a section relating to site aliases as well. What you have to do for it to work etc.

  • Review Documentation: First off, please review the Drush documentation which provides great examples of how to create a site aliases.

  • Copy an example: Also, the maintainers created some awesome examples for a example.aliases.drushrc.php file. In fact, theres a whole folder regarding this that you can copy and paste examples.

Debugging Drush

Additionally, here are some cheap tests to confirm that your site alias is working:

  • Try running drush status a drush status will show which you which alias file is being read in.

  • If that's not enough review the drushrc.php file. I would turn on verbose output to figure out how drush is failing.

  • it give me the this when do drush sa: – Francis Feb 19 '12 at 4:29
  • @Francis You'll want to perform a drush status to see what files drush has bootstrapped. – chrisjlee Feb 19 '12 at 20:05

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