In my theme Basic, I'm loading 2 jquery files. Both two are loaded at front page, but only first loaded run. If I change loading order, again only first file do anything. Here are the examples:

1) Drupal.behaviors.basic = { ...some jquery stuff...

2) Drupal.behaviors.basic = { ...some other jquery stuff...

  • Hi @Pierre.Vriens, I'm sorry... I have not a copy of the linked files... Just editing the question, a really rockie question... Fell free to ask me for deleting it, if you think it is not very useful... I haven't done if because I think the answer could be useful for someone over there...
    – calbasi
    Mar 19, 2018 at 21:58

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They both have the same name, both "basic". Rename one of the 2 and you should be fine. Change

Drupal.behaviors.basic = {

To for example

Drupal.behaviors.modifications = {

The name should be something descriptive about what the underlying functions do.

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