I have a talent for finding the hard issues. I have a custom migration class importing taxonomy terms. The class is an in-house customization, and we have it working happily on other sites. On my site, it is not working. There is a chance this is related to the data, which is coming from the client and possibly not clean. Here is my issue. I am implementing the public function prepareRow($current_row) with the intent of skipping some rows that I know will cause trouble. Specifically, anything with a non-numeric id value.

  1. I know the function is called, I see "Gojira!" appear

  2. I know the value that is causing an error

  3. The function is not being respected by the system.

Here is my function:

public function prepareRow($current_row) {
  $safe = FALSE;
    $safe = TRUE;
    // problem value is $current_row->id == 'n'
  if(!$safe) {
    print('Gojira!'); // this is seen in the migration ui
    //die();  // this is ignored
    return FALSE; // this is ignored

  // allow parent to skip a row
  if (parent::prepareRow($current_row) === FALSE) {
    return FALSE;

Here is the error I see on the migration ui page:

Migration failed ... General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: 'n' for column 'sourceid1' at row 1

Please help.

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The hint that solved this was in the error message:

for column 'sourceid1' 

This column is in the Migration class's map table, where it tries to make a record of what it has processed. The "fix" for this is to prevent the errant data from getting that far in the system. I am coding a custom getItem to do the filtering for this issue there.


Maybe it can help.

    // Row object containing the specific item just imported.
    $row = $event->getRow();

    if (!$row->needsUpdate()) {

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