I want to create a mobile application using my drupal application. For the communication I use the module services. The connection system works with success. This return this result.

  "sessid": "98gnwpE1GeguxN1y4t0WkWhDzK-C-Ashbn5GExj9l7M",
  "session_name": "SESS7609adb25a00cf561a9d882a31e81d29",
  "token": "aK4L6D1APRH16lGSAirIaZVGR02T5gs8DeE5jffYCKI",
  "user": {
    "uid": "30",
    "name": "admin",
    "mail": "[email protected]",
    "theme": "",
    "signature": "",
    "signature_format": "filtered_html",
    "created": "1486745824",
    "access": "1487091377",
    "login": 1487154223,
    "status": "1",
    "timezone": "Africa/Ouagadougou",
    "language": "en",
    "picture": null,
    "init": "[email protected]",
    "data": {
      "ckeditor_default": "t",
      "ckeditor_show_toggle": "t",
      "ckeditor_width": "100%",
      "ckeditor_lang": "en",
      "ckeditor_auto_lang": "t",
      "contact": 1
    "uuid": "14899bf3-1a0d-42b5-934e-650471d7da54",
    "roles": {
      "2": "authenticated user",
      "3": "administrator"
    "rdf_mapping": {
      "rdftype": [
      "name": {
        "predicates": [
      "homepage": {
        "predicates": [
        "type": "rel"

Now I want to create a node type article and I use this method

POST: http://localhost/drupal-7/?q=my_endpoint/node.json

But the result

  "Access denied for user anonymous"
. I know it normal because he don't know who wants to create the node. Now I question is how to parse sessionId or token to have the permission to create my node? Thanks

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  1. First thing you need to do is login via Services (unless you allow anonymous users permission to create content), which is a POST call to ?q=[my-endpoint]/user/login.json
  2. Once logged in, you need to retrieve a new CSRF token (this new token should be returned within the login result)
  3. Then make a POST call to ?q=[my-endpoint]/node.json, sending along something like this:


  title: "Hello world",
  type: "article",
  uid: 123,
  body: {
    und: [
      { value: 'How are you?' }

Attach an X-CSRF-Token header to the request using the new token value generated after logging in.

That should then return something like this to you:

  nid: 456,
  uri: /* ... */

I have a blog post with examples of most of the Services Resources here: http://tylerfrankenstein.com/code/drupal-services-examples


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