Whenever I set the module with unlimited values there are more the one maps with location. However they show the location which I want, but in two or more different maps.

My problem is I want to integrate multiple location with a single map. My project is kind of setting the route for people.

How do I do that? Should I create a hook for the Geofield module?

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Have a look at the IP Geolocation Views & Maps module. Partial quote from its project page:

Despite what the name may suggest, IP Geolocation Views & Maps (IPGV&M) is first and foremost a mapping engine.

The module makes it very easy to create Views-based mapping solutions using the map renderer of your choice (Google, OpenLayers or Leaflet) with any location storage module of your choice, e.g.:

enter image description here

This allows you to bring together modules and feature sets that without IPGV&M you would not be able to combine.

Like beautiful animated marker clustering on Google or Bing or Mapbox ... any of various map providers.

But more importantly IPGV&M adds some features you won't find as conveniently packaged elsewhere.

These include marker differentiation based on field values or ranges (2nd screenshot) with or without font icons, various centering options, super-imposing the current visitor's location, allowing multiple content types to be displayed on the same map, full screen button and mini-map inset (bottom screenshot), polygon support (Geofield), marker tags and tool tips and cross-highlighting of associated content on the page when markers are hovered (and vice versa).

enter image description here

Head over to its (impressive) project page for even more information about it (it would be way too long to include a quote of it all here). That project page also includes various screenshots.

Note: Uploading custom markers should be possible also, similar to what you can see in the screenprint in the feature request about Custom markers.

PS: I'm assuming this question is about D7 ...

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  • Done Sir.. Thank you for your time .... Can i ask one more question?? It is really important for me... As i m new to drupal i am facing a little problem in integrating maps with Entityform..Actually i have to add multiple locations in of form of a route and show it after the submit button in a single map... how do i do that??? i am using drupal 7 in this case.... thanks – Anirban Neogi Feb 20 '17 at 9:06
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