I want to have the same style of block for similar content type but the matter should be different.

For instance, I have a content type of hotel which has different fields in it and I have created a view for list of hotels. Now what I want to do is display the information of of some field from hotel(say Brochure as pdf) as a block when that particular hotel info is requested, rest as content itself.

I know one way of doing it is creating a custom block and restricting it to particular url. But it is too hectic. Is there a simple way of connecting the field from content to the block to that particular content display?

Personal observation: I have tried to place the block(say sidebar first) of content type in "block layouts". Though it shows up, no luck in placing it.

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The easiest way is with a View.

  • Create a new view
  • Disable the Page that will be checked by default.
  • The view should take as argument the Node ID.
  • Also add a filter based on the content type
  • Then in the view, add the fields you want (File, PDF)
  • On the top (+ Add next to Master), you need to add a display as a block

Now, you go to /admin/structure/blocks and add the block. Filter it by Content Type.


Views module - https://www.drupal.org/project/views


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