On a Drupal Commerce Kickstart installation, I have created a subtheme of Omega Kickstart, following the process described here.

Subtheme is saved to: public_html/sites/all/new_theme

enter image description here

I kept only two of the *.css files for customization:

  • new_theme_style.css
  • new-theme-alpha-default.css

I updated the new_theme.info file as follows:

name = New Theme
package = Commerce Kickstart
core = 7.x
screenshot = screenshot.png
base theme = omega_kickstart 

No changes to the Regions / Theme Settings. Updates to the Optional Stylesheets: ; OPTIONAL STYLESHEETS

css[new_theme_style.css][name] = New theme global style.
css[new_theme_style.css][description] = This file holds all the globally active custom CSS of Monkey theme.
css[new_theme_style.css][options][weight] = 12
settings[alpha_css][new_theme_style.css] = 'new_theme_style.css'

Changes made in new-theme-alpha-default.css are working, but changes made to new_theme_style.css are not showing. When I use "Inspect element" tools, I see that global.css is called instead.

Is this an issue with the weight I am assigning here? I copied the css over from another subtheme that is working. I cannot pinpoint the problem...but know it is likely a noobie mistake.

Thx - keb

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Turns out, I had everything set up correctly, but hadn't toggled "ON" the style sheet.

  1. Navigate to: Site settings >> Appearance >> Settings >> Toggle Styles
  2. Click "ON" checkbox next to New Theme global style. (all) - new_theme_style.css

I slept on it and woke early in the morning, remembering that not only do you need to enable your theme, you need to turn on the style sheet.

  • 1
    Sleep surely does help a lot of the times :)
    – devunder
    Feb 20, 2017 at 21:01

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