I created a content type using views called Bars & Restaurants

I want that content type to show under my Bars & Restaurants menu link at the top of my page.

I have changed the path to http://localhost/drupal/barsandrestaurants

and the menu to: menu tab - navigation and it still only shows up on my home page.

Is there a way to display the content type only on my bars and restaurants page?

I want authenticated users to be able to go into the page and add bars and restaurants themselves.

I am very new to drupal so any help will be great!

enter image description here

I want the content that Im adding to be under the Bars & Restaurants page there

  • Actually, you cannot create a content type using the Views module. It's the Node module that allows you to create a content type.
    – apaderno
    Feb 20, 2017 at 20:19

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Assuming what you want to do is :

  • Make a content type which authenticated user can add by themselves called barandrestaurant.
  • Make a view displaying all the barandrestaurant content-type.

First creat a new content type called barandrestaurant :

  1. You should unchecked the "promote to front page" in the content type page : enter image description here
  2. Allow user to add your content type in admin/people/permission --> find your content type node name (barandrestaurant) and allow authenticated user to create new content.

Second make a view page filtering your content type barandrestaurant

  1. Go to admin/structure/views/add a new view and fill the form to filter on your content type like that :enter image description here

  2. Specifiy that what you want is a view page and that you want to add a menu link in navigation menu :enter image description here

  3. Add in the header or in the footer (as you want) a "global text area" with a html link to create new barandrestaurant content type page :

    <div><a href="node/add/barandrestaurant">Add a new bar or restaurant</a></div>

    This should look like this :enter image description here

Now you should have a content type called barandrestaurant which can be created by your authenticated users visiting the link http://www.yoursite.com/bar-and-restaurant. The link should be in your navigation menu too.

  • Aporie has it mostly right. When creating the new content type called barandrestaurant you should untick all Available Menus. The View would be in the menu, not the actual nodes.
    – Gold
    Feb 20, 2017 at 20:23
  • Thank you for the answer.. However, I already have a basic page created called Bars & Restaurants. Is there a way to set the content of the view to be displayed only on that page? Or do I need to create a new page ? The Basic Page is one of my main pages beside Home so would like the content to be displayed only there. Feb 20, 2017 at 20:37
  • I have edited my question and added a picture to explain it better Feb 20, 2017 at 20:50
  • So that's actually very close to what I said. You have to have a view filtering on the content type bar&restaurant. Are you sure, that's only the content you are adding under bard&restaurant content type that you want to be displayed or every content user posted under bar&restaurant ?
    – Aporie
    Feb 20, 2017 at 21:00
  • Well I want users to be able to add restaurands and bars only on that page if you know what I mean? .. And where would I specify that I want the content to be saved on this page localhost/drupal/barsandrestaurants ? Feb 20, 2017 at 21:45

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